‘Everything’ by Lifehouse always makes me really sad. Not because of Roswell though. Kinda glad I didn’t indulge my teenage fantasies in that. So yeah. Thank you Lifehouse, I think. Also, this song sounds Jesus-ey. Like it’s one of the Psalms LOL. Why was I such a sad child? I remember being extremely weepy about this song. Whatever.

Oh gaaad, now ‘You and Me’ is playing. I will leave. Can’t sleep though.

I feel like an old half eaten piece of Snickers has melted over the keyboard of my mind. Like a too soft and sweet piece of gum is what is holding both sides of my brain together. Like someone used the top of my head as a coaster and now there’s a sticky circle of Coke and Brandy that I can’t reach to wipe off…because I suddenly have T-Rex hands.Like my Spirit is the damp smelly gym…

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I Am A Bad Girl

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The four horsemen of the apocalypse and how you were never ride or die.

Do you still wake up at first light to worship in gratitude over the musk of her morning breath?

Why was my light snoring and opulent adoration never enough?

I hope you die inside from something which like my clitoris, you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

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Songs We Like*


The first show is up! Praise Black Jesus!

Meet the chatty and charming Jenny “Skinnyfilmmaker” Muigai.

She takes us through her life as a human and a young film-maker, and shares the music that has carried her along the way.

From Bell Biv Devoe to Damien Rice, Jay’s music is quite eclectic showing all the different experiences(and man are they different) she’s been through so far.

Ms. Jenny, thank you for giving us our first adlib : “Can I get a duck sauce-ah!”

And allow me to quote you;

“The screenplay is my lyric and the score is my beat”


It was a pleasure to have her in studio…and no doubt you will be able to tell we had imbibed a little…but we got the work done, didn’t we? Yay 🙂

Please let us know your thoughts in the comment…

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Ugh, It’s *Her* Again

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I apologise for being the way I have been lately. I haven’t been. Barely being. It’s getting old isn’t it? Please love me anyway.

I keep forgetting to keep things alive. It is driving me mad. Trying to remember to never forget. To keep memory alive and breathing. To honour the dead and dying by holding onto their moments in time fiercely. My spirit is in shreds. How easily I erase the of cry of the spilt blood of my people.

It is said that if you stand deathly still at that moment just before darkness snuffs out light, you will feel their vibrations. The Forgotten People. I was on Haile Selassie Avenue when they came to me. Their blood calls out from desecrated ground in the vast spaces of my country. K.E.N.Y.A. Feels just as strange on my tongue as my own name does.

How then, do I keep the hope of you…

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Yanis Varoufakis: more erratic than Marxist

If only for the comments!

Michael Roberts Blog

While the ‘enfant terrible’ of the financial media, Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, enters key negotiations with other Eurozone finance ministers on a deal over Greek debt and economic recovery, I have been reading up on Varoufakis’ economics and philosophical ideas.

As a trained economist who has held many academic posts in various universities around the world, YV considers himself a Marxist, but an ‘erratic’ one. As he put it in a post on his blog back in 2013 (, “while an unapologetic Marxist, I think it is important to resist him passionately in a variety of ways. To be, in other words, erratic in one’s Marxism.”

In his confessional post, VF explains that, although he considered himself a Marxist, he avoided studying Marxist economics at university because he wanted to understand and take on the basic premises of mainstream bourgeois economics. “When I chose my…

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